We are a Walking Classroom!


Thanks to a generous donor, Joan Gillings, we are now officially a walking classroom! We received our big box containing the Playaways and the ENORMOUS Teacher’s Guide this week and we have already walked 3 times!!

The children are beyond excited. The first question they ask in the morning is if we are walking. In fact I am posting a schedule this week, so they can STOP asking. Parents are very enthused and our principal and vice principal walked with us on Thursday.

Our first podcast on content was about Alliteration and Personification. We are reading and writing poems right now so that fit perfectly. What I really liked was that during the podcast they gave suggestions on how to extend, the kids were very excited about that so this week we are building our Alliteration City! Pictures to follow.

Here is a picture of our first walk. We were just a little excited.

first walk


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