Choose Kind!


I have this kind friend and one of the wonderful things that she does is send me books in the mail. Instead of putting them up on a shelf, she finds an envelope, schleps to the post office and spirits them to me.  It is such a great feeling to see one of those little packages with the familiar handwriting waiting for me. I know that I have just been graced with hours of new journeys into imagination. What a gift. All of this because she chose to be kind.

One of those lovely gifts, Wonder by RJ Palacio, is going to be my first read aloud of the year. It is a book that reaches out and grabs your heart from the very first page. Honestly, I’m not sure I will be able to read it aloud without crying.

Now I am not going to spoil any of the plot for you because I want you read this book right now! But I do want to tell you that it’s message is to Choose Kind. What if my students and I could choose kind from day one? What a difference that would make. Think of all the little decisions you make everyday. What if you took just a second and asked yourself, “is it kind?”

Who knows how it would change the way the world looks, the way it FEELS?

So take my advice and go get this book. It will make you feel good. It will make you want to choose kind.

Here is a link to a blog post about how a 6th grade team made a whole unit from this wonderful book.

Celebrating the Wonder of Wonder by Sherry Gick.


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