Getting Started with Project Based Learning

I am pretty excited because this Friday is our first “wave” day. This means my team will have almost the whole day to plan. I am hoping that one thing to come out of this is some true project based learning.

I have danced around the edge of this for a while, but I think this is the year it will result in some meaningful engagement.

Here are five resources that have really helped me get started. If you are on this journey too, please share what you have found. PBL masters, any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.

1. The Buck Institute for Education– Here is the be all end all website as far as I can see. You can search for projects and get advice. One stop shopping.

2. Project Based Learning vs. Projects- Here is a great checklist to drive your pbl.

3. A great article from John Larmer from the Buck institute about whether you should jump right in or start slow.

4. If you haven’t found Edutopia yet, go now! It is a great resource for everything. It has tons of articles, videos, and links.

5. Here is another place to check out quality projects. The West Virginia Department of Education has created this great source where you can search for projects by subject and grade level.

Hope these help someone. Any guidance is welcome.


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