A Renewed Commitment!

I started this blog because I knew change was coming. I had no idea how MUCH change was coming. Change is good. Right?

Well, because of said change I lost this poor little blog to other things. This summer, however, I have been so inspired by so many blogs, cool things on Twitter, words of wisdom from strangers. If I was getting so much out of reading the words of my peers, why wouldn’t my students enjoy doing the same thing?

Uh-oh. If I was going to ask them to do it, didn’t that mean I had to do it myself? SO in order to get out in front of them (at least for a little bit…smart little critters, 5th graders) I commit to 3 posts a week. And I might (EEEEEK) share them. Oh that part might be too much. We will see.

Meanwhile, here are a few of the blogs that have really got me going this summer. Follow them. You will be glad you did.

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Why not?

Long story short, we got a new principal. That and a brand new curriculum. This is shaking things up for me professionally. We have been challenged to make significant changes to our instruction because our test scores are poor, really poor. For me, this means starting Daily 5 in reading, changing the content and structure of my math instruction, integrating science and social studies into all areas. So with that, I thought I’d another new thing, blogging. Hopefully this will be a great reflective tool and a way to share things that are going really great. I’m looking forward to the adventure.