Technology Ideas

So much for the 3 posts a week. Now I should aim for 3 a year! However I am giving myself a break because I started this year behind the organizational eight ball at no fault of my own.
However, I am coming off the best Christmas vacation ever and I have renewed energy and enthusiasm! Woo Hoo!
Back to my tech theme. I have been thinking for almost a year about 1:1 technology. I was sold on iPads and even applied to be a model class in our county for the 1:1 movement. The plus side of not getting it (sad face) was that I had a chance to get angry and reevaluate what I really wanted and needed.

What I wanted was for students to be able to collaborate and create. So I thought about what I used when I collaborate and create (like right now) and I NEED a keyboard. So my focus has shifted to Chromebooks. I am pretty excited about this and I am waiting for Amazon to rejoin Donors Choose to submit a project.

If you need justification for looking at Chromebooks read these awesome posts. Andrew Marcinek’s article about why Chromebooks’s are more attractive to older students, really meshes with our school’s goal of improving student writing. Erin Klein’s enthusiasm in her post also won me over to the Chromebook side. CHROMEBOOKS! CHROMEBOOKS!

One last little side note is a recommendation for a website Class Tools where you can create your own QR code quizzes. You can also search and find quizzes others have made. I used this last year to review ecosystems with my class and then promptly forgot about it. I was looking for an activity to review adding fractions and found something great in less that 30 seconds using the search tool. There are lots of other game formats that you can use. I am pretty excited.

Well I will leave you with these brief thoughts. I hope I will be writing again soon!

Happy New Year!