Making Some Lemonade!

Hooo weeee! It has been a hum-dinger of a week. Just to fill you in a little, my learning cottage has no floor and we aren’t sure it will be a classroom at all. And open house is in one week. No stress, no worries. This just means I have plenty of time to plan or to make everyone a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade! How about a great list of picture books that I am using to start the year?

1. Courage by Bernard Waber

Something we all need on the first day. I read this at the recommendation of a fellow Peace Corps Volunteer, and it is perfect for the first day.

2. We the Kids by David Catrow

This is a great way to combine creating classroom expectations as a community and addressing Constitution Day which always sneaks up on me in September. This year we are taking the 5th grade to DC so it will be even cooler to start the year thinking about government.

3. The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt

Rebellion, refusal to work and 5th grade. Sounds perfect. Read this book. You will laugh out loud.

4. How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Mark Teague

The title sums up why it is good for the beginning of the year but it is a great mentor text for descriptive writing and using great vocabulary. Extra points because it is funny.

5. Necks Out For Adventure by Timothy Basil Ering

Inspire kids to take risks this year. I need my class to do this as we embrace technology and Project Based Learning.

6. The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds

Inspire kids to “make their mark.” International Dot Day is September 15th. There are lots of cool ideas on the website.

7. Enemy Pie by Derek Munson

Anyone who teaches 4th and up, can you say enemies, frenemies etc.? Read this to head off the monster.

8. Rain School by James Rumford

A Peace Corps book, so I am partial. Good for the beginning of the year because it is the story of students in Chad whose school washes away every rainy season and all that is there to meet them at the start of the year is their teacher. Seems appropriate in light of my current condition.

9. On A Beam of Light: A Story of Albert EinsteinImage by Jennifer Berne

How a kid who thinks differently manages to change the world.

10. The Dunderheads by Paul Fleischman

A teacher who gives gold stars when she makes kids cry. My kind of lady. No, I’m kidding, really.

Read it. It is hysterical. Perceptions vs. Reality.