Get Thee to the Twitter!

I don’t know where I heard the command “Get thee to theTwitter!” but makes me smile. It sounds so backward for something so, well, forward. However, if your teach or you are interested in education you should follow this command and get over there right now.

Twitter is an odd alternate universe that I don’t fully comprehend. This is evident when I look at my awkward and sad 7 total tweets and 10 followers. Who cares? Basically what I use it for is to eavesdrop on some great educators have powerful conversations about things that can truly impact the way I reach my students. I am hoping eventually to jump into the conversation. Right now I am that kid sitting on the side of the pool trying to figure out the rules of the game.

I read an article early in the summer about setting up lists on Twitter and this has helped me so much. I have a general list called Education, but I might go back through and make it more specific. This way when you have a minute you can read about Project Based Learning or tech in the classroom without having to filter through other tweets.
Or when you just want a laugh, I have a list called Funny where I follow Professor Snape among others.

Yes it is another time sucker, but I have read so many great articles that I would have never known about without it.
To get you started, here is the article that got me started. It is called A Teacher’s Guide to Twitter by Jeff Dunn from Edudemic.
Have fun getting started and share what you learn! I promise to start doing the same.

(If you love Harry Potter be sure to follow Snape @_Snape_ for a daily dose of perfect snarkiness.)